Photographic Atlas of

Plant Anatomy

John D. Curtis Ph.D.
Biology Department, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Nels R. Lersten Ph.D.
Department of Botany, Iowa State University

Michael D. Nowak
Biology Department, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

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Nels Lersten has retired from teaching and is cutting down on his research schedule. John Curtis plans to do the same very soon. Between the two of us we have over 60 years of plant anatomy teaching and research experience. We felt it would be a shame if the thousands of plant anatomy images we have taken for teaching and research were to retire with us. Therefore, we have put many of these images on this website with free access given to anyone interested. We have made no effort to give a balanced treatment of anatomy topics although most topics are represented. Because much of our research has been on plant secretory structures, this set of image reflects that bias. We hope that these images will be useful to people teaching (and taking) plant anatomy and related courses.

Gymnosperm Leaves
Gymnosperm Wood Monocot Leaves
External Wood Features Bamboo Leaves
Petrified Wood Leaf External Morphology
Bark Dicot Leaf Cross-Sections
Periderm Dicot Leaf Paradermal Sections
Root Systems Dicot Leaf Veins
Root Apex Epidermis and Stomates

Stele Types

Endodermis C3-C4 Anatomy

Tracheoid Anatomy of Campsis radicans

Root Hairs Leaf Development
Stem External Morphology Root Secondary Growth Leaf Abscission
Nodal Anatomy Lateral Roots Insect Symbiosis with Leaves
Bud Anatomy Monocot Root Cross-sections External Secretory Structures
Reproductive Anatomy Dicot Root Cross-sections Secretory Cavities and Canals
Nectaries Haustoria Secretory Cells
Trichomes with Spiral Primary Cell Wall Crystal Cells Secretory Glands
Non-secretory Trichomes Internal Idioblasts Resin Glands
Carnivorous Plants Hydathodes Laticifers